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Short, sweet, and to the point. [20 Aug 2003|12:48am]
After many days, I return!! .. Not that I'm in any better shape than before, but, you have to take'em as they come and go, eh? Today's Sue is.. well. It's better seen than explained. Though I do post a massive warning:

Today's Pikasue appears to be nothing more than a young author's attempt to squeeze as many four letter words into one fanfic as to be possible to create a crossover with South Park and Pokemon without actually having South Park present. Do not look at this Sue if you value your eyes, or brain.

You have been warned.

- Thanks to Ricochet for this Sue.

- L
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I feel like a reverse vaccuum. @.x [16 Aug 2003|01:30am]
Due to stomach illness, this weekend, there will be no MaryChus. Blah.
In the meantime, I've a poll:

What's the worst possible Slash Fic you think you could ever find in Pokemon?

>.> <.< Post answer in comments. Links of proof optional, though I'll be amused if you can provide them.

- L
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.... Two Spikey Haired Kids Meet, Switch Places, and the World Explodes. [15 Aug 2003|01:13am]
Tonight's is a brain fart and a half. Apparently, for the first few days, I'm going to be finding 'Fanfics' written like a movie script. It's scary. And of course, as part of the big opening theme, I have to bring you something strange and unusual.

Today's is a crossover that just. Should. Not. Happen.

Title: Ash is a Saiyan? (Yes, they threw the question mare in themselves.)
Sanity Thief: Little Pichu

Pikachu Says: *o.o*;; <-- Scared Mouse.
Full Name: Ash Ketchum. ( As Goku.)
Species: Human. Or something like it.
Appearance: They don't say. (I suppose I'll assume it's a mix between Ash and Goku, tho having never SEEN DBZ, that'll be a little hard to imagine. Just as hard as it is to imagine Misty as a cross between Bulma and Vegeta.)
Pokemon: Pikachu. (Though why would he NEED the mouse when he sneezes fireballs?)

Origin: Ash finds some strange mystic portal in the woods of Viridian and is transformed/transported to the land of DBZ, where he is Goku and Misty is a strange mix of Bulma and Vegeta.
Connection to Canon: He's Ash. And he's Goku.
Special Abilities: Everything Goku can do. Including the 'Kamehameha'.

Notes: .... Having never seen DBZ, I must say, this alone was enough to scare me from ever WANTING to see it. o.o Sure, I've seen pictures of the characters, enough to tell them apart, but.. honestly. And why can't a Pokemon fanfic ever come in something more than script form? Aiyah.

KA.. ME.. HA.. ME.. HAAAAAAAA! -- Is apparently MaryChu-ish for, 'I will sneeze fireballs'.Collapse )

- L
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Pallet Town and Beyond: The First Post!! [13 Aug 2003|10:18pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Hello, hello, hello. I threatened I'd do it, and by golly, here I am, writing to you from the Pika Sue of the Day Journal! Mad Props to pottersues, who, A. Came up with the idea of the Mary Sue of the Day Journal, and B. Who I asked for permission to make this LJ from. Hiyya there, this is me waving to you, and saying I finally did it, but didn't have time to e-mail you about it. ;)

This being the first post, I wanted to find something absolutely horrible to show you all, possibly even the Fics of Old, back when the Pokemon Fandom was first begun, those oh so abhorred ones where Ash and Gary are related, and the main character is Delia and Oak's illigitimate Love Child, male or female. Of course, much like the pokemon we hunt like mad in the games, when you really -WANT- an absolutely horrible Sue to appear, most likely, you will not FIND it.

Still, I tried. I tried, and.. I'm not quite sure if I have failed, or succeeded. I'll let -you- be the judge of it, since I have yet to come up with a rating system just yet, eh? That said, here we go, straight from The Deadliest Evil, comes..

The First Pika Sue.

Title: The Elite Rose
Sanity Thief: Maya Lrydam Dyddan

Pikachu Says: *x.x* <-- Dead Mouse.

Full Name: Ash Ketchum. (Or Raven.)
Species: Human
Appearance: Raven is very handsome young man of 18. He has long spiky raven black hair, beautiful amber brown eyes, tanned and well built. He is wearing a black vest, black paints, a black jacket and around his neck is a golden chain on the chain is a ring. Then he goes to put his cloak in the bag. - This is a direct quote from the story, folks.
Pokemon: Pikachu. (The rest are apparently unknown, even to the author.) Pikachu for some reason allows himself to constantly be called 'My little pika pal'. Eeeyah.

Origin: Instead of becoming the Ash we all know him as, in this author's.... Unique.. world, Ash has instead become a member of Team Rocket, with Richie (Sorry, that's: Richey (Flame)), Duplica (Duplicata - Luna), Tracy (Tracey - Ebony), and Susie (Suzie - Rain). Not only that, but now he's going around and kidnapping GLS by beating ALL of their pokemon with only his 'little pika pal'.
Connection to Canon: He's someone's twisted Ash Ketchum.
Special Abilities: .... He's a F'in Sith Lord. Don't ASK me how they tied THAT in.

Notes: ... Hooo... Boy. Well. I think I managed to find a doozy for my first Mar(t)yChu of the Day post. This author not only uses an odd mix of actual writing and then IRC style Script and Posing things. It's... Confusing. (And what makes it sadder is that apparently, the way they're advertising it, Ash does things worth of a PG-13 rating later on with Misty.)

I think my little PikaPal wants an ice pick for his brain...Collapse )

Sorry the Sample's so short, but, honestly, after reading screen after screen like -that- (only double spaced, oh JOY...) I just.. couldn't stand to put you good people to more. If you want to read the rest, it's up there on the main link.

- L

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