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pikasues's Journal

Pika Sue of the Day
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Fans of Pokemon, beware! Our gentle kingdom of Pikachus, Bulbasaurs, Charmanders, Houndooms, Mudkips, and more is being invaded en masse!

These invaders are so horrible, so dastardly, so terrifying as to give even the angriest of gyarados nightmares at the mere sight of them!

They are young. They are proud. They can be female, they can be male. They almost always find some way to make claim to their illigitimate lineage.

Sometimes they have Pikachus. Sometimes they have pokemon so new and undiscovered even NINTENDO doesn't know they exist. Sometimes they even own all the legendaries and My Dog Skip, to boot!

They are.. The Pika Sues, otherwise known as MaryChu. And they are capeable of scary, scary things....